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Day 15 – “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars

August 10, 2013

Isa decided to do 2 Bruno Mars songs in a row. I think because with such a low voice for a kid, her voice can pair well with a male voice. After this song a day project, she seems to be getting better at guitar everyday. In the beginning, she didn’t want to play the guitar as much. Now, it looks like her instrument of choice.

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  1. Nicole Morgan permalink

    You are amazing!!! Your absolute most favorite teacher is so very proud of you!!! 😉

    Keep reaching for the stars because you certainly are one!!!

    Ms. Morgan

    • Thank you so much Ms. Morgan!! We just saw your comment because I logged on to upload new videos. Thank you for your support and love. Isa really amazes me. What 11 year old decides she wants to learn a song-a-day so she can stay productive during the summer? I must be doing something right.

      Thanks again,

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